Your Weekly Low Down | December 8, 2017

Read on for the latest from your Columbia alumni community.

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10 Answers You Need Before Accepting a New Job

By Caroline Ceniza-Levine '93BC of the Columbia Career Coaches Network
This article originally appeared on Forbes and

When considering a new job, most candidates know to ask questions about what their responsibilities will be, to whom will they will report, and compensation, title, and structure of the role. However, there are many more questions a job seeker should get answered before accepting a new job. You need to probe on whether you will be happy and successful on the job now and in the long-term. Here are 10 questions to help you dig deeper on whether to accept a new job.

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To Write or Not to Write: The Resume

By Keith Lawrence Miller '14TC of the Columbia Career Coaches Network

A common resume writing theme is the inability for people to write their own. Most people believe this phenomenon only applies to them and are slightly ashamed that they cannot effectively develop a well-written resume. As a professional career coach, I work with hundreds of people on a yearly basis and the most common statements include the frustration and struggle with trying to write a resume. After 10+ years, I have not had the privilege of encountering someone with the unique ability to correctly and accurately write their own resume.

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She Opened the Door: The Making of the First Columbia University Women's Conference

She Opened the Door, the first Columbia University women’s conference, has been in the works for some time.

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Your Weekly Low Down | December 1, 2017

Happy holidays, alumni! Here's the latest from your Columbia community.

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Cold Calling 101: How the Technique Can Be Helpful in Your Job Search

By Debra Feldman '74PH of the Columbia Career Coaches Network
This article originally appeared on JobWhiz.

Rarely is anyone eager to initiate a cold call, especially to sell yourself rather than representing a professional service or product offering. Combine the usual discomforts of making an unsolicited contact with the high anxiety associated with job hunting, and together they create a stressful experience. So why would anyone put themselves through the agony of making cold calls to prospective employers when clicking on the web and licking envelopes are the alternatives? The obvious answer: Cold calling really works.

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Your Weekly Low Down | November 20, 2017

Have a great Thanksgiving, alumni! We're kicking off this holiday week with all you need to know from your University.

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She Opened The Door

Winifred Edgerton Merrill was the first woman to receive a degree from Columbia University, opening the door for women to gain admission to Columbia's Graduate and Professional Schools at a time when co-education for women was under heavy debate.

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Columbians Make 2018 Forbes '30 Under 30' List

Congratulations to the nearly two dozen alumni, students, and staff who made the 2018 Forbes "30 Under 30" list!

Check out the list below and read the profiles of each of these talented Columbians on the Forbes site. 

(Images: Forbes)

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Your Weekly Low Down | November 10, 2017

The Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) is hosting a special 10th anniversary reception at the famed Art Basel Miami Beach in December. Read all about it in this week's roundup.

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