Changing Careers? Some Tips from Fellow Alumni

Planning to make a major career transition or change from one industry to another? These Columbia alumni have had success with this—check out their insight below. 

An Unplanned Transition

The opportunity to switch career paths might happen when you least expect it. If you are on the cusp of making a transition, get inspired by hearing a personal story about an alumnus who went from being a Wall Street finance professional to an emerging entrepreneur in the automotive industry.

In a Low Down podcast, Bill Haney '81SEAS, chief risk officer of FlexPath Capital Inc., shares what it was like to make a change out of necessity and shed light on the reality of being a self-starter.

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From Finance to Fashion

(Photo: Columbia University Graduate School of Business)

Having worked in business casual environments in previous investment banking and venture capital positions, Zachary Prell '05BUS found that his wardrobe neither fit well nor was versatile enough to transition from day to evening. From this experience, he saw an opportunity to solve a problem and conceived of the idea for a modern sportswear brand formed around the fundamental principles of contemporary fit, clean silhouettes, quality craftsmanship, and enduring style.

Read more of this story on Prell from the Columbia School of Business.


"How I Switched from Wall Street Lawyer to Full-Time Real Estate Investor"

Jonathan Twombly '06GSAS, '98LAW recently shared with the Columbia alumni LinkedIn community an interview about his transition from law into real estate, and how he got his start in his industry. 

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