Columbia Fact or Fiction?

We've compiled some fascinating Columbia facts that sound too unbelievable to be true—paired with some lies. Put your Columbia knowledge to the test and see if you can spot fact from fiction.

1. True or False? The world-famous MGM Lion that you see at the beginning of many of your favorite movies is inspired by the Columbia Lion mascot. 

2. True or False? Columbia University is situated on the site of a former insane asylum.

3. True or False? The University transported books from Low Library to Butler Library via a giant slide.

4. True or False? Edwin Howard Armstrong, a 1913 SEAS alumnus, invented the television.

5. True or False? There are tunnels underneath Columbia's Morningside campus.

6. True or False? Dwight Eisenhower served as the first chairman of the Columbia Board of Trustees.

7. True or False? Columbia students in the 1980's found a dead body rolled up in a rug.