Show Your Columbia Pride with Columbia-Themed Emojis

It's official: Columbia emojis have arrived!

The trend of unique emoji keyboards has exploded recently‚ÄĒEllen DeGeneres¬†and¬†Kim Kardashian¬†are among dozens of celebrities with their own personalized keyboards‚ÄĒand the World Wildlife Fund ran a trailblazing fundraising campaign with their¬†Endangered Emoji¬†set.

Also inspired by our own Barnard's creative B-moji keyboard, the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) saw a great opportunity to join in on the way people are communicating. Emojis have become a powerful tool in the online conversation.  

So, C-moji was born.

The app is free and you can find it in the Apple Store or Google Play, and text them to your fellow Columbians.

The Low Down has a preview of some of the awesome C-mojis and GIFs you'll get when you download the app:



01a_Lion_Smile.png 01b_Lion_Smiley.png 01c_Lion_Blush.png
01d_Lion_Pensive.png 01e_Lion_Sunglasses.png 01f_Lion_Wink.png
02_Thinker.png 03_Grad_Cap.png 04_Lion_Paw.png
05_I_heart_Columbia.png 06_Balloons.png 07_Varsity_C.png
08_Crown.png 09_alma_mater.png 10_Coffee_Cup.png
11_Heart_Candy.png 12_Roar-ee.png 13_Butler_Library.png
14_Open_Gate.png 15_Herringbone.png 16_Lion_Hi_Five.png
17_Subway.png 18_taxi.png 19_books.png
20_curl.png 21_Columbia_Spectator.png


 23_Athletics_Lion.png 24_Wien_Stadium.png   25_laptop.png
 26_pizza.png 27_Lion_Mail.png   



1.gif  2.gif   3.gif
4.gif  5.gif  6.gif 
7.gif   8.gif 9.gif 
 10.gif  11.gif  


Download now: Apple Store | Google Play

Happy sharing!

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