Simple Rules for a Successful Job Search

A recent webinar hosted by Columbia’s Center for Career Education (CCE) focused on the importance of research in the job search process.

Alicia Schiller, associate director of Undergraduate Career Development at CCE, says research allows job-seekers to make informed decisions, understand an audience, and stand out in a pool of applicants.

Check out these tips from CCE:


Job seekers should explore interests, values, and personality traits, and research industry and career options that match, as well as look up job titles and descriptions, education and skill requirements, industry trends, and salary information. Hiring cycles and recruiting practices also are key.


The CCE recommends several websites to conduct research, including LinkedIn for possible networking contacts, and Glassdoor for salary and interview information. More information on these websites can be found on the CCE handout here.

Get Organized

After researching, Schiller recommends applicants get organized with a spreadsheet of networking contacts and application deadlines, prioritize to-do list items, and reach out to those contacts for informational interviews.

She suggests reaching out to contacts doing the type of work you’re interested in doing, to ask them what they do on a day-to-day basis, what their career path was, and if they have any advice.

For more information on the CCE, visit their website.


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