StorySpace (Part 1: Identity)

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StoryShare.pngToday, we’re tuning in close by—on campus, in fact.

For this episode, we’re partnering with the Columbia Office of University Life. The Office was created in 2015 and it convenes students, faculty, and administrators to work together on pressing issues within the University and our broader society—from inclusion and belonging to mental health and wellness to sexual respect and gender-based misconduct prevention, and much more.

It also produces University-wide events and opportunities for the Columbia community. For this episode, we’re shining a light on one of those events. It’s called StorySpace@Columbia, and it’s a new storytelling project that presents personal and inspiring stories from students across Columbia.

In the first event, students were invited to tell their stories around a common theme: identity. Our identity as Columbians—past, present, and future—links us together and plays a role in our lives. But each of us has a unique story that led to who we are today. 

A dozen students spoke that evening. Rather than packing all of their stories into one bloated episode, we're turning this into a three-part installment. So, stay tuned for parts 2 and 3. 

Stories in this episode:

Daniel, Columbia College:
In “IKEA SWEDE,” Daniel offers a humorous and touching exploration of his Swedish heritage.

Jon, Columbia Business School:
In “Blue vs. Orange,” Jon describes an unexpected encounter during the 2005 Israeli disengagement.

Sayan, School of International and Public Affairs:
In “A Stranger’s Own Country,” Sayan explores what’s in a name and what it means to him to be both Bengali and Indian.

Get event updates on the University Life app. For more stories and opportunities, follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

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