StorySpace (Part 3: Perseverance)

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photo-1470472304068-4398a9daab00.jpegThis week is the third and final installment of StorySpace @ Columbia from the Office of University Life. If you haven’t heard Part I or Part II, go listen to them! We’ll wait.

But here’s a quick refresher:

StorySpace @ Columbia is a new storytelling project that presents personal and inspiring stories from students across Columbia.

Today, we wrap up the theme of identity with stories about perseverance, confronting challenges, and finding inspiration in unusual places.

Advisory: We want to warn our listeners that some of today’s content deals with sensitive topics.  



Kiara, School of Professional Studies:
In “A Part of Ballet,” Kiara talks about “giving it your all,” even in the face of failure.

Aspen, General Studies:
In “My New Student Identity,” Aspen talks about returning to college after surviving rape in 2005 as a freshman at Colorado College.

Anthony, General Studies:
In “Perseverance” Anthony overcomes an abusive childhood, becomes a decorated Navy veteran, and transitions to pursuing a medical degree.

Anthony, School of the Arts:
In “Finding Your Path” Anthony describes his path to becoming an actor.

Yuvraj, School of International and Public Affairs:
In “Jack of All and Master of None,” Yuvraj describes his journey to becoming well-rounded, versus an expert.

Julien, Columbia College:
In “Yield” Julien tells a tale of anger management.

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