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Design-Studio.jpgFor this episode, we visited one of the forward-thinking initiatives taking place at Columbia. Tucked away on a side street near the Morningside campus, we found a place where thinkers, doers, and general challengers of the status quo come together to design a better future.

It's called the Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio and it's a project that developed through the Columbia Entrepreneurship program. The Studio brings innovators and entrepreneurs from across campus to pitch human-centered design ideas, identifying problems and dreaming up solutions for everything from micro-gardening to a dream team of surgeons in East Africa.

We sat down with the Design Studio team to talk about human-centered design, how to think like an entrepreneur, and the first step to conceiving a great idea.

In the interview, you'll hear from Adam Royalty, a Stanford alum and head of the Studio, and Alice Bosley '17SIPA, the design lead who is also doing her masters in international affairs at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs.

For more information about the Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio visit their website or shoot them an email at


Correction: March 10, 2017 

In the original audio for this episode, Alice Bosley was misidentified as a director of the Design Studio. She is the Design Lead for the Studio, not a director. It was also incorrectly indicated in the narration that she helped found the Innovation lab at UNHCR. While she did work for the Innovation Lab when it was first created, she was not a founder.

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