What We Talk About When We Talk About Food

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What are we talking about when we talk about food? Or, more specifically, food sustainability. When we talk about food, we are really talking about the complex relationship between food, water, environment, technology, policy, and ethics.

Food impacts us on so many levels: from the personal to the global. Individuals, communities, and national governments have to constantly make choices about which food reaches our tables. And, for a variety of reasons‚ÄĒclimate change, energy costs, global economic inequality‚ÄĒthese choices are becoming more and more complicated. For this reason, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists around the world are turning their attention to this area.

To shine a light on this development, Columbia Engineering and Columbia Entrepreneurship brought together a panel of Columbia experts, who are contributing to the global dialogue on food, to discuss available solutions to feed a hungry planet.


Interior of urban farm at Pasona Tokyo Headquarters in Japan (Photo: Kono Designs)

The episode featured: Dean Mary C. Boyce (Columbia Engineering), Dickson Despommier (Columbia University Professor Emeritus), Adnan Durrani '81SEAS (American Halal/Saffron Roads CEO), David Rosenberg '02BUS (AeroFarms Founder), Sonny Wu (GSR Ventures Managing Director)

startup.pngIn the NYC area? Be sure to visit the #StartupColumbia Festival on April 28 and 29. It's an annual two-day event that brings together the Columbia Startup Community in celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship.

This year, the festival will be catered by Columbia founded food startups. Check out the food founders and come hungry!


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