Your Weekly Low Down | October 20, 2017

Check out Columbia Giving Day and Homecoming highlights and more, in this week's Low Down roundup.



  • Columbia scientists will build a comprehensive atlas of cells in the human spinal cord. The work will be key in understanding and treating spinal-cord disease and injury.

  • In the latest episode of¬†The Low Down¬†podcast's special series "The Future Is...,"¬†we hear from a group of students (and some now young alumni) who lead the Columbia chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).¬†Minah Kim¬†'17SEAS,¬†Colette McCullagh¬†'17SEAS,¬†Rebecca Murray¬†'18SEAS, and¬†Erin Vaughn¬†'19CC¬†talk about their work on campus, what engineers watch on Netflix, and the head start they have on mentorship.¬†Listen in.

  • Alumni took part in an incredible Columbia Homecoming last weekend!¬†From participating in President Lee C. Bollinger's 16th annual Fun Run to cheering on the Lions Football as they moved to 5-0 (for the first time since 1996!), the weekend was a thrilling experience.¬†Read what's up next for the team this weekend, and register for the Columbia-Yale game and tailgate happening the following weekend. Roar, Lion, Roar!¬†

                                                                          (Fun Run Photo: Eileen Barroso)

  • Can studying climate change help predict civil unrest? Hear from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory on this important subject.



  • With $15,616,036 from 15,088 gifts on Columbia Giving Day on Wednesday, our students and faculty can turn ideas into action and make a real and immediate impact on our world. Thank you!¬†

    Check out how your school or unit did on Giving Day.