Your Weekly Low Down | July 20, 2018

Here's what's new and upcoming in your Columbia community.

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Disengagement is a Workforce Crisis: How to Solve It

By Rosemary Bova '71SW of the Columbia Career Coaches Network

Disengagement has become a crisis in the American workforce—from top managers to hourly employees. Its impact is felt from personal to global levels. I offer a proven GPS that can change the course of this crisis and completely eradicate it.  

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How Safe Is Your Job? Test How Valuable You Are To Your Company

By Caroline Ceniza-Levine '93BC of the Columbia Career Coaches Network
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I get a lot of questions about job security, as more anxiety stems from economic disruption due to trade wars or technology disruption due to AI (artificial intelligence) and other innovations. In my latest Forbes post, I tackle the AI question and share five strategies to thrive in the AI workplace. But whether it is AI, trade wars, or some other disruption that changes your job, the best job security comes from being more valuable to your company by being there than by leaving.

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Your Weekly Low Down | June 29, 2018

Read on for the latest from your Columbia alumni community.

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Gaps in Employment: Don’t Feel the Need to Apologize

By Lynn Berger '84TC, '90TC of the Columbia Career Coaches Network 

So you have some time off in between jobs -- it happens to everyone. Some people hide it better than others. Some people embrace the time as an opportunity. And some people feel the pressure. As a career counselor and career coach who has worked with individuals seeking career and job search advice, I am here to tell you that there is no need to feel sorry.

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Job Transition: Steps to Ensure Success

By Julia Harris Wexler '84TC, '14BUS of the Columbia Career Coaches Network 

The current market is dynamic and changing more rapidly than ever before, due to technology.  Regardless of your industry, performance metrics are more sophisticated than ever and those who are contemplating transitioning from one work place to another, or those shifting from their first job to their second (or third), need to keep these criteria top of mind in order to ensure success:

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Suffering from Anxiety? Alumnus Mel Schwartz Has the Solution

At age 40, Mel Schwartz '94SW wanted more meaning and purpose in his life.

"Many years before, someone had asked me, 'What do you love to do?'" Schwartz told The Low Down. "I love to help people think about things differently."

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Your Weekly Low Down | June 15, 2018

A play written and directed by alumnae hits the stage, and an exciting new event series for Columbians is set to launch—here's what you need to know this week from your alumni community.

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Your Weekly Low Down | June 8, 2018

Here's the latest from your Columbia alumni community.

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Columbia Alumni & the Tonys

Several Columbia alumni are up for an award at this year's Tonys, set for Sunday, June 10 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Ahead of the event, which celebrates the best of the year in Broadway theater, read up on the talented and artistic Columbians in the running for the prize.

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