Columbia Career Coaches' Top Advice of 2017

All year long, members of the Columbia Career Coaches Network have shared their valuable expertise with fellow alumni on The Low Down, with dozens of informative articles about job transitions, difficult workplace environments, rising through the ranks, and more. Read on for some of 2017's highlights.

  • About to make a big choice about your future? Melody Wilding '11SW shares the best time of day to make a decision.

  • Before you accept a job offer, Caroline Ceniza-Levine '93BC says there are 10 answers you need first

  • Not being able to produce a solid resume is nothing to be ashamed of. Keith Lawrence Miller '14TC says this is the most common struggle among his clients. He offers his best resume-writing tips here.

  • Cold calling can be awkward. But according to Debra Feldman '72NRS, '74PH, this is actually one of the best techniques you can use to advance your career.

  • Julia Harris Wexler '84TC, '14BUS offers an insider's guide to nailing your next job interview.

  • Some conversations in the workplace can be challenging or awkward. Cynthia Indriso '86PH shares how to use these moments and grow.

  • If you're between jobs or in the middle of a career transition, volunteering is a great way to fine-tune your skills and learn more about an industry you might want to pursue. Lynn Berger '84TC, '90TC has some insights on this.

  • You received an offer, but is it the right fit? Joshua Spodek '93CC, '96GSAS, '99GSAS, '06BUS suggests these tips to avoid a job you one day might end up hating.

  • These coaches and the other talented experts who make up the Columbia Career Coaches Network have so much great information and advice to offer. Why take the next step and pursue career coaching? Eric Horwitz '90CC, head of the Network, tells you why.

    As we head into the new year, explore the diverse specialties and skills of the members of the Columbia Career Coaches Network, and find a coach to work with today.