Show Your Columbia Pride with Columbia-Themed Emojis

It's official: Columbia emojis have arrived!

The trend of unique emoji keyboards has exploded recently—Ellen DeGeneres and Kim Kardashian are among dozens of celebrities with their own personalized keyboards—and the World Wildlife Fund ran a trailblazing fundraising campaign with their Endangered Emoji set.

Also inspired by our own Barnard's creative B-moji keyboard, the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) saw a great opportunity to join in on the way people are communicating. Emojis have become a powerful tool in the online conversation.  

So, C-moji was born.

The app is free and you can find it in the Apple Store or Google Playand text them to your fellow Columbians.

The Low Down has a preview of some of the awesome C-mojis and GIFs you'll get when you download the app:



01a_Lion_Smile.png 01b_Lion_Smiley.png 01c_Lion_Blush.png
01d_Lion_Pensive.png 01e_Lion_Sunglasses.png 01f_Lion_Wink.png
02_Thinker.png 03_Grad_Cap.png 04_Lion_Paw.png
05_I_heart_Columbia.png 06_Balloons.png 07_Varsity_C.png
08_Crown.png 09_alma_mater.png 10_Coffee_Cup.png
11_Heart_Candy.png 12_Roar-ee.png 13_Butler_Library.png
14_Open_Gate.png 15_Herringbone.png 16_Lion_Hi_Five.png
17_Subway.png 18_taxi.png 19_books.png
20_curl.png 21_Columbia_Spectator.png


 23_Athletics_Lion.png 24_Wien_Stadium.png   25_laptop.png
 26_pizza.png 27_Lion_Mail.png   



1.gif  2.gif   3.gif
4.gif  5.gif  6.gif 
7.gif   8.gif 9.gif 
 10.gif  11.gif  


Download now: Apple Store | Google Play

Happy sharing!

Have an idea for an emoji? E-mail [email protected]