Grad Grams: Alumni Offer Words of Wisdom to Class of 2018

Each year, hundreds of alumni offer their inspiring advice to the newest Columbia graduates. Read on for some highlights from this year's Grad Grams campaign. Congratulations, Class of 2018!

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"Don't underestimate the incredible applicability of the skills you've developed at Columbia to a myriad of new challenges you may face beyond the classroom upon graduation. After navigating the beautiful chaos of Manhattan together with the unique academic intensity and excitement of Columbia, you've developed an expansive toolkit that can help you flourish in all areas of your life, not just graduate school or your first job!" -Eyvana Maria Bengochea '16CC, '19LAW

"Cherish your friendships and stay in touch. These are lifelong relationships that'll mean a lot once you leave the undergrad environment #RoarLionRoar" -Josh Foster '16CC

"There is so much more to life than work and careers. Forge forward, but don't forget to smell the flowers on the way and enjoy the ride." -Jennifer Mata-McMahon '98, '99, '10TC

"Don't be afraid to ask questions...and take calculated risks and chances on yourself. It's what led me to accomplish a huge goal—graduating from Columbia!" -Gloria Chin '18SPS

"Keep going and don't take no for an answer!" -Sharon Charles Haznedar '07NRS

"Congratulations to the 2018 graduates. You have worked hard and have the benefits of a world-renown Columbia education. Go conquer your dreams and aspirations, and change the world. My very best wishes." -Louise Ellis '98SW

"Top 5: Stay connected to Columbia and the Columbia alumni community. Return to Columbia for alumni and continuing education events. Continue your formal education by attending Columbia or another world-leading school for graduate education. After you are sufficiently credentialed and experienced consider imparting your knowledge and expertise to future generations of Columbia students as an adjunct professor. Always make time to speak with and help fellow Columbia with their careers." -Michael Weinberg '98BUS

"When it comes to your career, chase your dreams. Meaning, don't choose what others will be impressed by, but instead choose what will make you personally fulfilled. In the end, the judgment of others will be irrelevant to your own true happiness." -Joyce Anderson '02CC


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