Alumnus and Columbia Career Coach Launches Leadership Podcast

By Joshua Spodek '93CC, '96GSAS, '99GSAS, '06BUS of the Columbia Career Coaches Network 

Spodek shares why his new project, the "Leadership and the Environment" podcast, is worth a listen—especially for fellow alumni setting career goals for the new year.


Do you want to improve your leadership skills? To be part of a team building something greater than yourself? To leave the world better than you found it?

My new podcast, Leadership and the Environment—which was recently named Podcast of the Day—will show you how.

It's on more than leadership. Do you also care about the environment? About garbage, pollution, mercury in fish, and so on?

Many want to act but feel frustrated, guilty, and discouraged. That's a leadership vacuum.

Leadership and the Environment changes that dynamic, showing how acting on your values improves your life, despite the struggle to get there.

Guests include #1 bestsellers, top TED speakers, and luminaries such as:

  • Dan Pink, New York Times bestselling author, over 40 million TED views
  • Marshall Goldsmith, bestselling author and top-rated leadership coach
  • Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and New Yorker writer
  • Michael Bungay Stanier, Wall Street Journal bestselling author
  • Tanner Gers, Paralympic U.S. gold medalist
  • Jim Harshaw, All American Division 1 champion wrestler and coach
  • Dorie Clark, author of the top leadership book of 2015
  • and more to come

You'll hear their struggles and triumphs. You'll hear them say, "Thank you for prompting me to act. I wish I'd done it sooner," and look to do more. People care and act when you create meaning for them.

Want to lead so people thank you for working hard? The podcast shows how. There's no magic. On the contrary, one of its goals is to create leaders to bring its message to new audiences.

Take a listen here. If you like it, subscribe and review on iTunes, and Stitcher.

Joshua Spodek, a member of the Columbia Career Coaches Network, is the bestselling author of Leadership Step by Step, and coaches executives, entrepreneurs, and rising leaders, with over a decade of experience coaching and over two decades of leadership and entrepreneurial experience. He is an adjunct professor at NYU, leadership coach for Columbia Business School, columnist for Inc., and founder of He leads keynote talks and workshops, and holds five Ivy League degrees, including a PhD in Astrophysics and an MBA, and studied under a Nobel Prize winner. He co-founded and led as CEO or COO several ventures, and holds six patents.

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