Pomp & Circumstance (Rebroadcast)

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Note: This is a rebroadcast of an episode about the 2016 Commencement ceremony.


It's my favorite day of the year. Because it's tens of thousands of people out here being excited about what our students have done. And it's awesome.

- Katharine Conway '02CC, '06TC, '07TC, '12TC
‎Chief of Staff & Secretary of the College at Teachers College


Columbia's Commencement week ended two weeks ago. New graduates moved out of University housing to start their lives off-campus and the streets of Morningside Heights have emptied out for the summer. In September, new and returning students will move in and the streets will vibrate with excitement and energy again.

But, in this episode, we're not going to look ahead. Instead, we're going to look back at the height of Columbia excitement and energy: Commencement. If you've never experienced Columbia’s Commencement, that's ok. We interviewed alumni, faculty, staff, and students to give you a glimpse at the day.

Columbia Commencement 360°

Ready to get closer to the action? Experience Columbia Commencement 2016 through these 360° videos and photos! To watch the video from different angles, swipe your finger across the screen or use your cursor to change your viewing perspective.

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