Smart Looks Like This—The Story of The CAA Shop

Columbia alumni have been known to wear their passions and school pride proudly.

In 2016, that concept was made literal with the launch of the CAA Shop—a new online store featuring products with designs and messaging that help alumni affiliate with and represent the Columbia Alumni Association, the University, and important causes in the world today.



The CAA Shop was founded and made possible by Columbia alumni. Two alumnae conceived the idea, another launched the website, and more than 3,000 alumni from across the University hand-picked designs that are now available for purchase.


See how far we’ve come along:


What’s next for the CAA Shop?

Engaging alumni on all levels—The CAA Shop will continue to reflect alumni, not only as recipients or buyers of a product, but as participants in the creation and shape of the online portal itself.

You’re likely to see CAA Shop items come up at local Columbia events and as rewards for certain volunteer activities. The store will also allow for new designs and ideas to be sourced directly from the creative and artistic Columbia alumni community.

Do you have an idea for a design or product? E-mail [email protected]