The Definition of an Explorer

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One of the most pressing and universal issues of our day is how to address climate change. Although most do agree that the environment has evolved tremendously over time, many are not aware of how rapidly the recent changes are occurring and what the consequences can mean for us in the years to come.

That’s where researchers like Hugh Ducklow come in. 

Ducklow is a Columbia professor in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department and a researcher at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. In many ways, Ducklow, is the definition of an explorer. He has participated in over 30 major oceanographic expeditions in nearly all the world’s oceans. As a researcher at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, he leads expeditions in Antarctica nearly every year to study and collect research on climate change in the fastest warming place in the world.

Recently, he gave a special lecture at NYC’s Explorer’s Club as part of a series of Spring science programs and events hosted by the CAA. Since its founding in 1904, The Explorer’s Club has served as a meeting place for explorers and scientists worldwide. Its wood-paneled halls have host many members who are responsible for some famous firsts. First to the north pole, first to the south pole, first to summit mount Everest, and first to the surface of the moon. So, what better place to hear from a man who regularly walks with penguins and was once trapped on a ship in the Antarctic ice for a month?

In the lecture you’re about to hear, Ducklow tells us about his research and recounts one of his recent trips to Antarctica. Through it all, he conveys the important role that gathering knowledge and taking meaningful action will play in preserving the health of the ecosystem that we depend on.

To find out about more events and programs like this one, visit And to learn more about current research at Lamont, visit

Also, check out the trailer for Antarctic Edge: 70° South, featuring Hugh Ducklow:

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