Women Leading Change

By Shanna Crumley '18SIPA

Columbians are natural leaders wherever they go, putting their vision and passion to work in boardrooms, executive offices, Congressional halls, and beyond.

Columbia's alumnae are certainly no exception to this rule; in fact, the women of Columbia represent some of the most exceptional change-makers in the world, from Madeleine Albright '68, '76GSAS and Ruth Bader Ginsburg '59LAW to Ursula Burns '82SEAS, the CEO of Xerox, and 2016 Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Katie Meili '13CC.

Yet being a woman in leadership remains a hot button issue, the topic of presidential debates, policy discussions, and news media attention alike. To join the conversation, the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) recently hosted a panel called “Women Leading Change” at Columbia Alumni Leaders Weekend in October. 

30282121415_772759b614_o.jpg                                                 (Maryam Banikarim speaking during the panel. Photo: CAA)

The panel of four alumni women, each a successful leader in her field, discussed the nuances of leadership styles, the importance of mentorship, how to navigate the stereotypes and balance expectations, and how to make women’s voices heard. 

The lineup:

Laurie Magid '85LAW, the President of the Law School Alumni Association and the former US Attorney of Philadelphia (the first woman to serve in that role)

Kathleen Crowley '91MPH, '13DPH, the Associate VP of Environmental Health and Safety at Columbia University

Maryam Banikarim '89BC, '93SIPA, '93BUS, the Global Chief Marketing Officer for Hyatt Hotel Corporation

Alexis Gelber '74BC '80JRN, a top editor at Newsweek and also an editorial consultant and adjunct professor at New York University

Check out the panel: