Your Weekly Low Down | Jan. 22, 2016

Catch up on the latest news from your Columbia alumni community this week.


  • Did you know Butler Library houses two million books? Or that the building's facade features inscriptions of 18 philosophers and thinkers? Click here to read the list we compiled of things you may not know about Butler Library!

In Case You Missed It...

  • Columbia Professor Dr. James Gangwisch '03SW spoke to Reuters for an article on the correlation between sleeping in on the weekends and lowering your diabetes risk. 
  • Speaking of zzz's, fellow Columbia professor and scientist Dr. Marie-Pierre St-Onge and her colleagues investigate the link between what you eat and how it affects your quality of sleep.
  • Moira Demos '96CC, '08SOA and Laura Ricciardi '07SOA, the filmmakers behind the Netflix hit Making a Murderer, appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Unfamiliar with the documentary taking the country by storm? We break it down for you, here.
  • A Columbia alumnus had a role in unearthing the biggest dinosaur ever! A team led by Columbia alumnus Dr. Diego Pol '04GSAS and Dr. Jose Luis Carballido discovered the 122-foot-long beast (about the length of three school buses - or twenty-two Alma Maters placed side-by-side). Check out the incredible photo and video here.

Upcoming Events:

The Low Down: 

  • Currently, global leaders are convening at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, to address topics at the forefront of the world agenda. Among those in attendance are prominent Columbia alumni and faculty. Rachel Ely '09BC spoke to several of these Columbians, who provided insight on why we should pay attention to Davos. Listen to the podcast here.