Your Weekly Low Down | March 3, 2017

Get the low down on the latest from the Columbia Alumni Association.



  • Recently on The Low Down, you heard from humanities scholar Robert Young, who had lectured at the Columbia Global Center in Amman and recounted the story of Walter Benjamin, a German Jew who fled Nazi Germany but was caught at the border of France and Spain, where he resorted suicide rather than be sent back.

    During the lecture, Young played a clip from Casablanca, drawing parallels between the Hollywood story and the truth behind it. The Low Down created a bonus mini-episode just for it. Take a listen and follow the intertwining stories of Walter Benjamin, Humphrey Bogart, and Ingrid Bergman, as they flee south out of Europe.

  • The Columbia Career Coaches Network, whose members' informative articles you've seen on The Low Down, is a group of seasoned career professionals—and they're also your fellow alumni. This week, they wrote about why it's incredibly valuable to work with a coach to better your career. 

  • Columbia political scientist Richard Betts weighed in this week on foreign policy under President Trump.

  • Sharon Liebowitz '91GSAPP was interviewed on Rise Radio to discuss helping nonprofits be more productive with their money.