Advancing the State of the World in Davos

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Each year, global leaders convene at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, to address topics at the forefront of the world agenda. Among those in attendance are prominent Columbia alumni and faculty.

This year's conference took place on January 20-23.

Hear directly from some of these Columbians, who provide insight on its significance and why you should pay attention.

Huge thanks to the following Columbians who gave their time to be interviewed for this episode: Professor Anu Bradford (Columbia Law School), Dean Linda Fried (Mailman School of Public Health), David Rosenberg '02BUS (AeroFarms), Zach Sims '12CC (Codecademy), and Peter Vanham '12JRN (World Economic Forum).

And for all you Columbia engineers out there, David Rosenberg is looking for people like you to work at AeroFarms. So, check out their website.


Watch an interview with Amale Andraos, dean of the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, from the 2016 conference.