StorySpace (Part 2: Learning & Becoming)

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photo-1467240483012-340e4f1000aa.jpegThis week is the second installment of StorySpace@Columbia from the Office of University Life. If you haven’t heard Part I, go back to last week’s episode and listen to it.

But here’s a quick refresher:

StorySpace@Columbia is a new storytelling project that presents personal and inspiring stories from students across Columbia.

So, today, we continue with our theme of “identity” with three stories about learning. Not the academic kind of learning that we find in the classrooms across campus - this is learning that comes from overcoming our fears and discovering our strengths.

Advisory: some of these stories have some strong language that may not be suitable for everyone.

Stories in this episode:

Sahar, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences:
In “Open Doors and Jackasses,” Sahar finds the courage to stand up to disrespectful teenage peers.

Hadia, School of Professional Studies:
In “What Soccer Taught Me About Life” Hadia describes how she learned to overcome criticism and discrimination by playing soccer as a little girl in Pakistan.

Michael, General Studies:
In “I am God?” Michael talks about being teased to discovering and owning his unique personality with neuroplasticity.

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